Women’s World Cup Odds and Predictions 2019


Women’s World Cup Odds and Predictions 2019

2 July 2019

Norway used to be a top power in women’s soccer. They can keep making steps to their former glory days if they play their match with England in the quarterfinal match of the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

Many people on Betway soccer betting favour the Norwegian team. In 1991 when the first women World Cup started, Norway was the runner-up and after four years, they won the title.

They finished fourth in 1999 and 2007 but after that, they didn’t go beyond the Round of 16 until this year’s league. When Norway declined, England rose and reached the semifinals in 2015 and that was their first time. If you are searching for teams to bet on with betway then you can make a pick between Norway and England.

The Norwegians will start Thursday’s FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 as the twelfth match in the world while the Lionesses are the third and the kickoff is supposed to be at 3 p.m. ET while the winner will move onto the 2019 World Cup bracket.

Oddsmakers think that England will be the money favourite while Norway will be the underdog at +275 (risk $100 to win $275). A draw is also +250 and the over-under allowed for all the goals scored is 2.5. You might wanna see this as a choice on betway.

A sports analyst who also doubles as an applied mathematician trying to show how math works in sports authored a book called “Soccermatics”. Together with other experienced analysts, he created a powerful Soccerbot model.

The soccerbot analyzes current odds and all the performances made by the teams, adds up the key metrics and make predictions of upcoming matches. Since it’s inception, it has seen three seasons and has a 2000 percent on Premier League picks.

The model is really making its 2019 Women’s World Cup picks worth it for those who stake money on its tips. The model predicted accurately the amazing Japan-Argentina draw (+825) and it has shown an impressive round in which Canada upsetting Sweden, USA winning Spain and the Netherlands winning Japan to leave relegation.

The model has set it’s focus on England vs. Norway. Although it is leaving under but it is making a stronger play on the England vs. Norway money line.

The model has recognized that England has more advantage of rest before coming to the match. The England Lionesses have gone up to quarterfinals of the World Cup 2019 without having any resistance in the previous four matches.

They have also spread their playing time well among players. Norway, however, just came off a 120-minute Round of 16 match with Australia that ended in penalties on Saturday.

The model took note that the last time they faced each other in a last World Cup, England won the match in the Round of 16 with 2-1. The lionesses are believed to repeat the feats on Thursday in Le Hague.

However, in theory England will do better but it doesn’t mean that’s how things will play out.